How to Transfer your Apps to iTunes without deleting them

Having problems getting iTunes to recognize your newly purchased apps without deleting them? If you are experiencing this problem, trust me you are not alone. I could not get the backup to include the apps that I purchased but it would download the songs that I had purchased. I had an interesting and troublesome dilemma. So I'm going to share with you this simple trick to get your apps into iTunes so that if anything happens to your iPhone there will still be a copy on your computer in your iTunes apps folder.

Synching your iPhone

Open iTunes and plug in your iPhone. Under Devices you should see the name of your iPhone. We want to sync the phone but not begin a Back-up. If you see this message, 'performing back-up', hit the 'X' in the corner of the message in order to stop the back-up.

In iTunes, go to the File menu and select 'Transfer Purchases from 'your iPhone'. Click on this and then you should see a message under the iTunes logo, stating 'Transferring Purchases from 'your iPhone'. Your apps should now begin to transfer. Once this has completed, go to the Library, and under Library, select Applications to see all of your transferred apps.